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a.p.'s older version of wordanalyser.jar from 5 years ago, not the latest.Q: Vertical and Horizontal Bubble Chart with Combobox I am trying to draw a bubble chart with comboboxes. As you can see here, it is possible to do so but it is not so clear. There is a code example here. I would like to draw it vertically with a better sense of scale. Also the horizontal ones are unreadable if the labels in the combobox are too long. Is there any solution for this? Or do you have an example with labels which are not too long? I can add some code if necessary. Thank you! A: Well... I have found the solution with little support in the R community: It is possible to draw vertical or horizontal. Also I can use my own labels. aphasia (29.2%) were identified. Considering the results of the literature review and the importance of infection in the pathogenesis of VZV, VZV IgG is the most important test to assess the past VZV infection, and although it is less sensitive than other methods, it is relatively cheap, quick, and simple. Conclusions {#sec1-5} =========== The results of our study showed that the current status of VZV infection in the studied region is high, which is reflected by the presence of high positive IgG and IgM titers in the sera of 30.9% of the patients. The results showed that women were more commonly affected than men, and people aged 40-60 years were more commonly affected. Therefore, it is suggested to carry out more epidemiological studies and to design a control program for VZV infection in the region. Financial support and sponsorship {#sec2-3} --------------------------------- Nil. Conflicts of interest {#sec2-4} --------------------- There are no conflicts of interest. Q: How to display the contents of a port without displaying the port name? There is a port named 'headphone' which is listed as a user-defined port using the scrcpy command. For example: scrcpy echo {user_define} Listing the



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